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National Artisan Development Academy Officially Opened

Webmaster March 5, 2024 Comments Off on National Artisan Development Academy Officially Opened
Technical School leaners at the exhibition stalls

In a society where access to education and employment opportunities are often limited, the establishment of the National Artisan Development Academy at Motheo TVET College is a beacon of hope for Not in Education, Employment and Training (NEET) youth. The initiative aims to fast-track the development and provision of artisans in line with the National Skills Development Strategy’s target of producing 30 000 artisans by 2030.

On Friday, 1 March 2024 Department of Higher Education and Training Director- General Dr Nkosinathi Sishi officially opened the National Artisan Development Academy on behalf of Minister Prof Blade Nzimande. During his address DG said we only had one Trade Test Centre in Pretoria. Today we are launching an Artisan Centre in the Free State Province. Through this academy we seek to achieve Artisans for our country. There is a link between providing dignified living conditions for citizens and education. Thus, to deny people the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives through education would constitute an infringement of their right to dignity. “This Academy, we seek to achieve a number of things, one being the need to fast-track the development and provision of artisans for our economy. At the moment we are producing 20 000 artisans per year. By 2030 we must be producing 30 0000 per year. In addition to the apprentices from the Academy, the number of qualified artisans will be further increased by external applicants and those who qualify through the Artisan Recognition of Prior Learning (ARPL) process. DG committed that the Department will invest 1 billion to start a CET College next the this facility. He concluded his address by saying “Let us take care of our facilities. Let us also build a culture of education”. 

The goal was to create an academy that would not only train and qualify artisans but also provide financial support to those who are unable to afford the exorbitant costs associated with artisan qualifications. Much more work needs to be done. Thanks to our SETA’s who are playing a major role in achieving this dream. 

This state-of-the-art facility accommodates 1450 students. It has 6 rooms accomodating differently abled students. Facilities at the Academy has an Administration Building consisting of 17 offices and 2 well-equipped boardrooms. There are 3 workshop buildings, each with 12 Workshops and a trade test centre and 7 Classrooms per building with capacity of about 360 students per sitting. Additionally, each building has seven classrooms, providing ample space for theoretical instruction. The capacity of each building is approximately 360 students per sitting, ensuring that we can accommodate a significant number of students. We have a total of 16 standard theoretical classrooms. Each classroom can accommodate up to 35 students, allowing for interactive and engaging learning experiences. In total, our theoretical classrooms have a capacity of 560 students. To cater to the growing importance of technology in various industries, we have equipped the academy with 16 computer labs. Each lab can accommodate up to 30 students, providing them with access to the necessary tools and resources for computer-based learning. In total, our computer rooms have a capacity of 480 students. We understand the importance of providing suitable accommodation for our students, especially those who may be coming from distant areas. The academy has 96 rooms in its hostels, with a capacity of 372 students per hostel.

Programmes we offer: Electrician, Boilermaker, Welder, Solar and Renewable Energy, Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy and Jewellery Manufacturing. The projected number of apprentices for 2024 is 720 and in the year 2025 will be 1080 and from 2025 onwards, the Artisan Academy aims to produce a significant number of qualified artisans. Based on an average pass rate of 70% for the apprentices, it is estimated that 252 artisans will be produced per year from the Academy alone. This number is expected to increase to more than 300 artisans per year from 2026 onwards.

National Artisan Development Academy serves as a hub of excellence, providing state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive training programs to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their chosen trade. As part of the opening, there were exhibition stalls by the Department’s entities such as SETAS, NSFAS and sister Colleges to share information with leaners, educators, and NEET youth. The Department has awarded the College Certificates as Centre of specialisation in Electrical Engineering for National Artisan Development Academy and in Automotive Motor Mechanic for Hillside View Campus.

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