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Education library

The Education Library offers a library and information service to all the teachers, professional and administrative officials of the Free State Department of Education. Persons who do not qualify as members of the Library, but who would like to use available material, may do so in the Library.The library stock covers the field of education and related subject areas such as psychology, philosophy and sociology. The stock consists of: books, magazines, newspapers, theses / dissertations, education reports and audio-visual material, such as maps, video and audiocassettes, slides and transparencies.

The latest issues of magazines are available on the magazine shelves in the Library. These magazines are arranged in alphabetical order, according to their titles. Older issues are stored in a separate section in the Library, and may also be consulted. Magazines may not be borrowed from the Library, but photocopies of articles may be made at a fee. All other material may be borrowed from the Library for a period of 4 weeks – 10 books and/or 4 audio-visual items at a time. This period may be extended on request, unless items are reserved for another member. Material which is in stock, but not immediately available, can be reserved should the user be prepared to wait until it is available.

An Inter Library Lending Service ( ILL ) is also available to members, should material, which is not part of the Library stock, be requested. The normal national ILL tariffs will be charged. Since the Library has access to Internet, the librarian can provide a wide range of information to the users.The Library circulates an annotated Acquisition List of new materials on a quarterly basis. The purpose is to bring new acquisitions to the attention of the members. These new acquisitions may also be requested and borrowed from the Library.The Newsletter, which is also circulated on a quarterly basis, contains a list of interesting articles that have been identified in new magazines. Photocopies of these articles may be requested on the prescribed form, on condition that the necessary photocopying paper is supplied, or on the payment of the required amount.On occasion the Librarian compiles bibliographies on specific subjects, so that relevant and available library material is introduced to users, and so that they can borrow the material if necessary.

The Acquisitions List, Newsletter, Catalogue of Audio-Visual Material and the above-mentioned bibliographies are sent only to heads of directorates, district offices and child guidance clinics. They must please circulate the material amongst their personnel, and the district offices must please circulate the material amongst the Learning Facilitators, so that they can make the information available to schools during their visits.The Librarian, Mrs Erna Mostert, would like to help with the needs of all departmental officials and teachers. Enquiries can be addressed to her, either by mail, e-mail, phone or a personal visit.The Library is situated on the ground floor of the Syfrets Building, 65 Maitland Street, Bloemfontein.

The hours are: Mondays to Fridays from 10:00 to 12:30, and from 13:00 to 16:00.

Postal address

Education Library
Private Bag X20565

Contact Details

Tel : 051-404 8467
Fax : 051-404 8493 or 086-615-2502
E-mail address: E.Mostert@fseducation.gov.za