Geared for Service Excellence


To increase the access to and use of learning and teaching resources through the Education Resource Centres. (ERC)


  • Establish and maintain Education Resource Centres and their satellites.
  • Provide access to facilities and learning and teaching resources.
  • Ensure the use of the facilities and the resources.

The Lejweleputswa ERC is situated in Welkom and serves the teachers, learners and community of the Lejweleputswa District. The ERC was established in 2004 and has already positioned itself as a critical component of the FSDoE by enhancing the professional development and support of its stakeholders.


This ERC incorporates state of the art facilities that can render the following essential services:

  • Teachers and Public Servants
  • Professional development through workshops and various training interventions. Teachers are supported in all their work in the classroom.
  • Learners
  • Learners can access the various resources at the ERC to facilitate the completion of their homework, projects and assignments. Outreach projects, special events and workshops are conducted to empower and develop our learners.
  • Community
  • Learnerships, training interventions and workshops are conducted to develop the community. These activities serve to empower citizens and broaden the skills base of our community. This ERC is an active agent in promoting lifelong learning.


The Centre Head
Lejweleputswa Education Resource Centre
Former ABSA Building
C/o Reinet & Tulbagh Streets

Telephone: (057) 916 7350
Fax: (057) 916 7370
Email: celen@edu.fs.gov.za

Office hours: 07:30 – 16:00, Monday to Friday

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