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National Teacher Awards


The Department of Basic Education wishes to salute all schools and teachers who have entered the National Teaching Awards since 2000. The Department also acknowledges their extraordinary efforts, which have been achieved often under very difficult conditions and in service to our children, many of whom come from poor communities. The National Teaching Awards are but one of the ways in which the Department of Basic Education acknowledges and encourages dedicated and caring teachers in their efforts to develop each learner as a citizen of a democratic, non-racial and non-sexist South Africa.


The objectives of the Ministry of Basic Education through the National Teaching Awards are to:

  • Focus public attention on the positive aspects of Education, thereby raising the public image of the teaching profession.
  • Recognise and promote excellence in teaching performance.
  • Honour dedicated, creative and effective teachers and schools.
  • Encourage best practice in schools.

Afford South Africans the opportunity to publicly say thank you to outstanding teams or individual teachers in schools.

Categories and Awards

The categories are:

  • Excellence in Primary School Teaching
  • Excellence in Secondary School Teaching
  • Excellence in Primary School Leadership
  • Excellence in Secondary School Leadership
  • Excellence in Grade R Teaching
  • Excellence in Inclusive Education and Special Needs Teaching
  • Excellence in Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

The awards are:

  • District finalists: Certificates of Excellence
  • Regional/Cluster finalists: Certificates of Excellence
  • Provincial finalists: Certificates of Excellence
  • National finalists: Certificates of Excellence