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Provincial Strategy on Learner Attainment

The PSLA is an initiative that seeks to bring about continuous improvement in learner attainment within the context of the implementation of the National Curriculum Statement (NCS) and the eventuality of the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations. The performance of schools in the NSC examinations remains a matter of national importance and continues to occupy a prominent position in public discourse in relation to education. More importantly, learner attainment in the NSC is to a large extent used to gauge the performance of the education system.

Across the globe, schools operate in a paradigm of continuous improvement. The aim of schooling is to ‘add value’ to the learning of every child in order to maximize their education potential. Intervention in the form of the PSLA is thus an important response that focuses on the improvement of schools with a view to build a strong culture of effective curriculum leadership and school organization by the principal. In this culture, the school develops an enabling environment for effective teaching and learning with a view to continuous improvement in learner attainment.The implementation of the PSLA during 2010 witnessed considerable progress in relation to ongoing initiatives to bring about continuous improvement in learner attainment. The key focus areas of intervention included the following;

  • Target setting in relation to the following categories of performance; (i) Schools with a pass rate below 60%; (ii) Schools with a decline of 10% and more in learner attainment; and (iii) Schools with potential to achieve a 100% pass rate.
  • Development and implementation of School Improvement Plans.
  • Teacher Development and support continue to occupy a high profile position in the implementation of the PSLA. As an important matter of continuity, the Department recognizes the need to provide subject specific support to all schools in the context of school visits, workshops and subject cluster meetings with a view to strengthen the implementation of the NCS in Grade 12.
  • Monitoring and support visits to underperforming schools.

2012 Provincial Strategy on Learner Attainment